Crystal Palace Park Dialogue meeting, Friday 20th February

Penge Forum is represented on the group.   The meeting involved many community groups with an interest in Crystal Palace Park along with Bromley council and GLA reps.  It also includes the management of the sports centre, Capel Manor and sporting users.

ZRG Proposals/Palace Terrace:  Following the passing of the LBB deadline, it would appear that the Chinese developers had lost interest.  The Crystal Palace Park Executive Board had discussed other ways forward.  There was some support for an international design competition but a more modest and realistic aim was to base any further proposals on the master plan.  That at least could begin now whereas other possibilities could mean a further delay of at least 5 years.

National Sports Centre Proposals:  The recent consultation had produced a high number of responses.  There was a lot of support for the retention of the track, and the 50 m pool.  Reinstating the Paxton axis was well supported though the Free School proposal less so.   Regularising car parking was considered a priority,

Next steps involve the GLA engaging with sporting bodies to get a more realistic view on the numbers and frequency of potential sporting uses.   The track is almost certain to remain but decisions have still to be taken on the facilities associated with it.

Park Improvements:  £2m. Remains available.  The list has now been refined down to 6 projects:  conservation of the dinosaurs, new cafe, conservation of the sphinxes (but not the steps), tidying up the area around the Paxton bust, removal of turnstiles and installing the skate park.   All of these fit with the long term master plan.

Future Park Management:  The Park Executive was committed to developing a Trust to run the park. There are examples of joint working between local authority, the community and Engish Heritage.  A trust would keep the community at the top table and could bring about much needed stability.

Subway: progress was being made on allowing further visits.  The Gates and the railings were a priority for conservation.

It was noted that Alexandra Palace was about to benefit from a £28m. refurbishment.  The delay in implementing the Master Plan had prevented C P from providing the match finding for a similar project.

It was also noted that the application for the former cinema at 25 Church Road to be used as a church relied on the using Crystal Palace Park as a car park with park and ride facilities.

About Penge Forum

The membership led Residents' Association for those who live in or care about Penge and Anerley.
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