Some questions for our meeting with the police on Tuesday 12th March

Don’t miss your opportunity to ask a question.  Here are some to start with:

march2019(2)-page0001How are our local police teams organised now that Copperfield House has been closed?

How many police and PCSOs do we have working locally? Will we see them on the streets?

How are our local police reacting to the knife-crime?

Are gangs an issue locally?

How do you split resources between Penge, Crystal Palace and Clock House – and the rest of the borough?

What is the best way of reporting crimes now? And is it worth it?

How successful are the police in tracking stolen bikes?

There has been a spate of break-ins and car vandalism in our area. What are the police doing about it?

How are the police working with young people. Is stop and search being used locally?

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The membership led Residents' Association for those who live in or care about Penge and Anerley.
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