• Penge Forum is not affiliated to any political party but we do make sure that our local representatives and Bromley Council are kept aware of the concerns of residents in our often undervalued corner of the borough.  Our Committee is made up of volunteers and any member is welcome to join.   Committee details are below.
  • Penge Forum holds four open meetings a year where you can hear from and question the people who make a difference to our lives in Penge and Anerley. These have included the Council’s traffic adviser, our local police sergeant, health provision as well as questioning our local Councillors on how they were representing our community. In April Penge Forum will be hosting a Hustings meeting for our General Election candidates.
  • We also comment and make submissions on planning and licensing issues that affect our community. We are supporting the fight to keep a youth club at the old Citizens’ Advice Bureau in Snowdown Lane, Anerley Town Hall and the Adult Education Centre at Kentwood. We are working to protect the look and balance of our public places.
  • Penge Forum is a member of the Penge Town Centre Team which brings traders, residents and Councillors together to influence Town Centre Management in Penge. We are consulted by the Council on matters of budget, planning and regeneration.
  • We are currently developing this web site and will be producing newsletters and email bulletins to keep you up to date on important local developments, activities and concerns.
  • Our current committee consists of:  Chair, John Getgood, Vice Chair: Wendie Roach, Secretary: Chris Doran, Treasurer: Stephen Brushett; Shirley Homewood (Conservation Areas); Jane Morley (Road Safety); Chris O’Shaughnessy; Roger Taylor.   All our local councillors are also invited to committee meetings.

Why you should become a member

  • All these activities are undertaken voluntarily. No member of Penge Forum is paid for the work they do. But we do need money to pay for the hire of halls, run the web site, send out newsletters and make a bigger impact at local events.
  • The more members we have, the better we can represent those who live and work here and make Bromley Council listen to our concerns.

Membership is just £5 a year, so please join and play your part in making the voice for Penge and Anerley as powerful as the area deserves.


If you wish to join please send your name and address together with a cheque for £5.00, made payable to “Penge Forum”, to Stephen Brushett, 43, Cottingham Road, Penge, SE20 7PU or hand to one of our Committee Members at one of our Open Meetings.

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