Last chance to visit Crystal Palace Subway this year – this Sunday 23rd September

Come and visit the Crystal Palace Subway this Sunday 23 September

This is possibly your last chance to visit the subway this year.

Opening this SUNDAY 23 SEPTEMBER from 10AM TO 5PM, it’s a great chance
to see this marvellous space.

Entrance to Crystal Palace Subway is on Crystal Palace Parade opposite
the park between bus stop B and C.

Please expect queues as it is a very popular event.

Note that there is no wheelchair access to the subway. Buggies,
pushchairs, scooters etc. need to be left at street level. Stewards will
look after them so don’t worry they will be safe.

Only assistance dogs are allowed.

All donations will go towards the Crystal Palace Fstival.

Click here to visit the Subway’s website for more information

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We’re pleased to announce that Cllr Josh King from Clock House ward will be joining our panel on Tuesday September 25th


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Local councillors open for question on Tuesday September 25th

Kathy Bance                                 marina ahmad

Cllr Kathy Bance (Penge & Cator) and Cllr Marina Ahmad (Crystal Palace) are the guests at the next Penge Forum meeting on Tuesday 25th September at Melvin Hall.  They will be taking part in an open question session, so you can ask them about any aspect of their work on Bromley Council and discuss those issues that affect you most.

 We will also be asking members to approve a Constitution change which will allow us to go ahead with our plans to nominate Penge East Community Centre as an Asset of Community Value.  This is so we can give it some protection should there be future plans to develop that site.  To comply with changes in the regulations, lawyers have advised us that our Constitution needs to include the words Any surplus funds will be used solely in accordance with the objects of the Constitution.  No surplus funds or other finance will be distributed at any time to those in membership or former membership of Penge Forum.” There will be a short discussion on this but only paid up Members will be able to vote on the proposal, and we will be asking them to formally approve this change.

As other items are confirmed for the Meeting we will let you know.  As usual, we will provide tea, coffee and biscuits for an informal chat from 7.00pm before the meeting starts at 7.30pm.

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Reporting faulty traffic lights

The TfL customer services number for reporting faulty traffic lights is 03432 221234.

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Summer Safer Cycling Courses in Bromley

A round up from Jane, Penge Forum’s Road Safety Rep:

Bromley’s Road Safety Cycle Team are running a whole host of FREE training and activities for the whole family over the summer.

Need help with safe cycling? There are FREE Family Cycle Training starting from Cator Park & Norman Park, with three different levels to suit all ages and abilities.

Not sure of you’re bike is ready for this? Take your bike for a FREE Dr Bike MOT every second Saturday in Norman Park, where they’ll also fix minor faults.

Now you’d like to cycle to and from work? Bromley will help you plan a route using quieter roads and also ride it with you on your first journey from home and back again.

For more details and who to contact follow this link to the Bromley cycle training web site:

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Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchair Users

One of our members has asked if we could post these answers from the council to questions about the use of mobility scooters.

 Know your scooter/wheelchair

Does your powered wheelchair or scooter have a top speed of 8 mph? If so, this is defined as a Class 3 ‘invalid carriage’ in ‘The Use of Invalid Carriages on Highways Regulations 1988’ and may be driven on the road. Before doing so, it must be registered with the DVLA and display a free disabled tax disc, renewed annually.


Although you do not have to be insured by law, we strongly recommend that you have at least third-party cover. It is also a good idea to be covered for fire, theft and damage.

Out and About

Do not use your scooter if you have been drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Check the patient information on any medication your doctor prescribes or which you buy over the counter. If the information says the medication could cause drowsiness, don’t use the scooter.

See and be seen! If you are using anything to protect you from the weather, make sure that it does not restrict your vision. Wear fluorescent materials or have fluorescent markings on your scooter and put on your lights to help other road users see you.

Do not carry another person (child or adult) with you on the scooter. Also, do not carry or lead a pet while you are on your scooter. Even trained and well-behaved animals can be unpredictable and cause crashes.

On the road

In order to drive on the road, you must have headlights, rear lights, flashing indicators and a horn.

Keep to the left and obey the same rules of the road as other traffic.  It’s wise to avoid busy roads, as you are driving a small, slow and very vulnerable vehicle.

You must give way to pedestrians on crossings. To turn right, it may be safer to turn onto the pavement and use a pedestrian crossing to cross the road. If there is no pavement, it may be safer to stop on the left and wait for a safe gap in the traffic.

 On the pavement

Pedestrians have the right of way.  On pavements or footpaths, Class 3 vehicles must be switched over to the 4 mph setting.  However, you are unlikely to achieve that speed on crowded pavements.

Remember, pedestrians may not see or hear you approaching them, especially from behind. Look carefully before you move off or change direction.

Do not park your scooter where it would cause an obstruction and make it difficult for others to use the pavement or footpath.

For more information contact the Road Safety Unit: or call 020 8313 4546

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Short report on recent Youth Activities meeting

Jane Morley writes:

Penge Forum’s meeting on 25 June 2018 was held to help Crystal Palace Community Development Trust’s consultation on youth provision locally. An audience of around 50 heard short presentations from Councillor Kathy Bance, Inspector Gary Byfield, Teena Marshall (Streetwise Youth Centre) and Elaine Harrison (Youth Services Coordinator CPDT). The audience (of Penge Forum members, parents, and young people) put forward ideas and questioned the panel.

Main points made were that:

We needed to find ways of working despite local government cut-backs. There were alternative sources of funding, but these required research and making of convincing cases.

The best way for local voices to be heard was to turn up to Bromley Council’s meetings, held in Bromley Civic Centre, either to put questions individually or to support others.

Although activities were taking place, communication was fragmented and did not reflect the ways young people now receive information – mostly through social media, and Snapchat and Instagram were more effective for this particular audience than Facebook and Twitter (mostly for the middle-aged).

Although some young people resisted information which came through their own parents, others valued parental input, so an increased use of Snapchat did not mean that Facebook should be downgraded. The various social media should be seen as complementary.

Equally there was still a role for flyers and traditional means of communication. For example, Bromley Borough’s website (via provides a central site for publicising youth facilities, once an organisation is registered. And the Streetwise Youth Centre can pass on information about events if notified.

There are three local youth clubs, Brownies, Cubs etc, but these did not get sufficient publicity. Although venues are limited for further activities, Melvin Hall, for example, has spare space in the evenings.

The more that adults volunteered to help with arrangements, the more it was likely extra events would take place. Whatever activity was agreed on, it was important that young people were kept safe, and that the activities were evaluated to ensure that they continued to be seen as valuable.

There was a lot of pressure on the school curriculum and living skills were felt to have been edged out. So there was interest in getting together sessions to develop entrepreneurial skills, to provide practice for job interviews, to tease out ideas about what employment routes there are, and how to present yourself more positively, for example by practising how to speak in public.

Pledges made by the main speakers were:

Kathy: would try to ensure that evening events for young people in Melvin Hall were available at low/no cost for hire.

Gary: The police would update their communications, and work more closely with local groups and partners.

Teena: would look again at advertising of events, ensuring that leaflets were available at all libraries and other locations visited by the public.

Elaine: would talk to others outside of this meeting on how to get information better coordinated by Bromley Council and how to gather information better from young people.

Penge Forum would also look to improve its communications.

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June 25th Penge Forum meeting on Youth Services to be held at Anerley Town Hall

250618youthposterThe next Penge Forum meeting will have a slightly different format. A number of members have suggested youth activities as a theme for a meeting.  So, for our meeting on Monday June 25th, we are teaming up with the Crystal Palace Community Development Trust to ask what services and support young people would find helpful and what services do we think, as a community, we could or should provide?
We have invited local youth clubs and members of the Bromley Youth Council to join us. We are also pleased that Cllr Kathy Bance (Penge & Cator), Inspector Gary Byfield (Safer Neighbourhoods panel) and Elaine Harrison, (Youth Services Co-ordinator, CPCDT) have accepted an invitation to attend. This is a unique opportunity to question and share ideas with police, youth workers, local councillors and parents and young people from Penge, Crystal Palace and Anerley.
This meeting is being held at Anerley Town Hall on Monday 25th June. The meeting will start at 7.30pm, though doors open at 7pm for light refreshments and socialising.
We do hope that many of our members and supporters will want to share the experience. 
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Report from Penge Forum’s Road Safety Representative

The next meeting of the Bromley Council Road Safety Panel is on Tuesday, June 5th.

If you have issues you would like to be raised, such as road layout and ongoing problems, please let me know by close of play Sunday, June 3rd.

I will try for feedback on issues raised on behalf of Penge at the last meeting.

I’m also going to ask Bromley Council to consider putting an emergency contact number on traffic lights in case of problems.

In the meantime, if you know there are potholes, defective lighting and signage, damaged pavements and kerb stones, all these can be reported direct to Bromley Council for action either by phone or via their website.  If your road is plagued by speeding motor vehicles and poor driving the Penge and Cator Safer Neighbourhood Team is the best contact for action.  You supply details of vehicles and times of highest offending and they will pass the information on to the Traffic Police.  The same applies to inconsiderate cycling.

Jane Morley

Penge Forum Road Safety Rep

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Local Election Hustings to be held on Tuesday April 24th

Penge Forum will be organising an election husting to take place on Tuesday April 24th at Melvin Hall.

Hustings Poster from PDF document

The names of the candidates in our three local wards (Crystal Palace, Penge and Cator, Clock House) doe the Bromley Council elections on Thursday May 3rd have been announced and can be found here:

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Notes from recent Road Safety Panel meeting

Safety issues raised via Penge Forum for Bromley Road Safety Panel Meeting 13.3.18

Newlands Park, Lennard Road, Parish Lane, Kings Hall Road, Thicket Road, Maple Road, Oakfield Road, side roads off Croydon Road are all experiencing boorish behaviour by motorists:

  • Speeding;
  • Not indicating when turning into roads;
  • Verbally abusing and/or not giving way to pedestrians already crossing the road.

Most incidents appear to be taking place around the junction of Lennard Road with Parish Lane.  Suggestions made:

  • 20 mph speed limit at bend in road where Newlands Park turns into Lennard Road, complemented by signage asking motorists to slow as pedestrians are likely to be crossing, accessing Penge East Railway Station, the shops in Station Parade the bus stops in Lennard Road and Newlands Park, Alexandra Recreation Ground’s children’s play ground and en route to local schools.
  • Improved signage particularly for informal crossing on corner of Lennard Road with Newlands Park or, ideally, an improved and safer crossing;
  • Signage reminding motorists that s170 of Highway Code gives priority to pedestrians already in the road.
  • Mini-roundabout at junction of Parish Lane with Lennard Road to improve safer exit for motorists from Parish Lane into Lennard Road as sight lines are compromised (in part by parking on pavement on section of Lennard Road running alongside the lower boundary of the children’s playground).
  • “Slow, pedestrians crossing” signage in Parish Lane and Penge Lane to replace the out-dated (new road layout) signage removed last year, taking account of the increased footfall since the opening of the Alexandra Public House and the Alexandra Nurseries and Tea Room.

Further thought to be given on how to cut speeds of traffic in Kings Hall Road (particularly near entrance to Kent House Station, the pre-school establishment, the alleyway into Cator Park, which is soon to be used by increased numbers of cyclists if the Quiet Ways scheme goes ahead. Ditto for Kent House Road which is parked on both sides of the road and passes two schools.

Further thought to be given to pedestrians attempting to cross Maple Road at its junction with Penge High Street. Motorists reported to be driving into Maple Road from the High Street without signalling and at speeds too fast for pedestrians to cross comfortably. Many pedestrians are accompanied by small children. Many others are simply not as adept as they were at dodging traffic. Pedestrian refuge suggested.

Further thought to be given to pedestrians attempting to cross Oakfield Road at its junction with Penge High Street. Same problems as with Maple Road – traffic attempting the corner too quickly, not signalling their intentions. If a pedestrian refuge is not practicable, perhaps a raised section of road at this junction?

Further thought to be given to pedestrians attempting to cross side roads off Croydon Road. Again cars turn into these roads at speed (especially if they have to turn across the traffic in Croydon road).

Finally does anyone have contact details for the London Safety Camera Committee (representatives of police, London Borough and Health authorities sit on this, but there seems to be no way an ordinary mortal can contact them).

And can we have an updated list of projects and their contact officers circulated for the coming year, please?

Jane Morley

Penge Forum Representative

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Road Safety meeting this week. Any comments?

The next meeting of Bromley Council’s Road Safety Panel will be on Tuesday March 13th.
Please let Penge Forum’s Road Safety Rep, Jane Morley on , know of any issues you would like raised at this meeting.

If you have suggestions about how better to encourage considerate driving or slow traffic speeds locally; if you consider a road layout is dangerous; if you would like better road safety signage, these are the sort of issues that can be raised at the meeting.
Potholes, damaged/illegible road signs, faulty street lights etc should be reported direct to the Council by phone or on fixmystreet. 
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Combatting inconsiderate parking and speeding motorists

From Jane Morley, Penge Forum Road Safety Rep:

If you are plagued by drivers blocking access to your property or parking on the pavement, damaging paving and stopping you getting past safely with your pushchairs or wheelchairs, you can ask for help from Bromley Council’s Parking Enforcement link.  Let them know if there are set times or days on which the problem is worst, and give them registration numbers if you can:  Enforcement should follow.
If motorists are regularly speeding down your roads, let your Safer Neighbourhood Team know.  If you can give them worst times and days of the week, better still the make and registration details of vehicles, they can liaise with the Traffic Police and get a patrol car out and about at the right time.  You can also ask them to pass on your details to the Community Road Watch team so that you can volunteer with them to check vehicle speeds and take action against offenders anywhere in the Borough. They will also let Community Road Watch know if your road would be suitable for a checking session.
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Bromley Swift Survey: How many swifts are nesting near you?

From Bromley RSPB

Bromley Swift Survey - photo by Ben Andrew ( (1)Swifts have been nesting in our buildings for centuries and have been a common sight performing their aerial acrobatics over our borough’s towns in the summer. They spend the rest of their year in Africa.

Unfortunately, their numbers are in severe decline. Between 1995 and 2015 the UK lost more than half its swifts. Numbers appear to have fallen even more in Bromley over the same period.

The RSPB believes that loss of nest sites is at least partly responsible. Due to our tendency to seal up buildings during renovation or knock them down, swifts are returning to discover their nest site has gone or access is blocked.

Action is urgently needed to prevent swifts becoming extinct in Bromley.

We are running a Bromley Swift Survey between May and July this year to discover where they are still nesting. We need to find this out quickly so that action to provide nesting spaces can be targeted in the right areas.

No knowledge of swifts or previous experience of doing surveys is needed. It will be really simple and easy, and help will be available if needed, for example on how to identify a swift.

We will ask participants to go for a short walk along the streets near to where they live or another location of their choice. A balmy summer’s evening would be best as the swifts will be most active then. The walk should be repeated at least once a month between May and July – so a total of three short walks. The participant would make a note of any swifts they see flying at rooftop level as this means that the birds will be nesting nearby.

It would be great if you could take part. The more people who join in the better as we will build a more detailed picture of Bromley’s swift population.

To take part in the survey or find out more information you can either:

  • email our Group’s Recorder Peter Smart on
  • call the Group on 07392 790 719.

RSPB Bromley Local Group

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Consultation on upgrading local routes for cyclists and walkers closes today

First, sorry for the late posting but we have had a technical glitch with the web page.

Our Road Safety Representative, Jane Morley, wants to draw attention to a consultation on two new “Quietway” proposals for cyclists and walkers. Transport for London is suggesting upgrading two sections of existing cycle routes which will affect Penge and Cator, especially the Kent House to Greenwich route.

The deadline for comments is 2 February2018, though usually late comments will still be accepted. Full details can be found on where you can also access a comment form. Otherwise send your views by email to

Proposals include widening a section of the River Pool Path, which will then be shared by cyclists and walkers; solar panel lighting for the designated cycle path through Cator Park; an informal pedestrian crossing in Aldersmead Road near the junction with Ringwold Close to improve visibility for people exiting Cator Park here by foot or by bicycle; repositioning of pedestrian islands near the Kingshall Road junction with Aldersmead Road; widening of a section of footway at the entrance to Kent House Station to provide safe and convenient access to the station for cyclists. Funding is also being sought for extra cycle parking at the station.

No details as yet on any updated advice on maximum cycling speeds in Cator Park or shared pathways.

Jane has submitted a response on behalf of Penge Forum which generally welcomes the proposals but raises issues of road safety regarding Harris Bromley schoolchildren and also the potential for conflict between on cyclists and pedestrians on the Pool River walkway,

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Bromley “Successful Mums” taster sessions for business start-up and job finding

The London Borough of Bromley is working in partnership with Jane Knight of Successful Mums to host two FREE taster sessions which are designed to help mums get back into work or start their own business.

Whether you are looking to return to work or start a business, these are a great way to kick start your 2018 and set you on the path to flexible working around your family.

Why Mums? Feedback demonstrates that courses designed specifically for Mums motivated these women to feel more confident and return to work or start an enterprise. Working with other Mums contributes to this increased confidence.   However, we recognise flexible working and business start-up is for all, so Dads, non-parents & carers are welcome too!

Both sessions will take place in a Committee Room at Bromley Civic Centre on Tuesday 16 January. There is no charge for attending either session, but booking is essential. Join us for the fun, professional and enterprising sessions by booking on the links below.

Successful Mums Business Start-Up – 16 January 2018 09:30 to 11am

Successful Mums Find a Job You Love – 16 January 2018 11.30am to 1pm

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Update on High Street works

This is a summary of the information gleaned at this week’s Penge Town Centre Team meeting. (though without the benefit of the official minutes.)

Arpley Square: laying of slabs to be completed by Christmas (due date: 22/12), will not be available for the Penge Christmas event, Bollards in place to mark boundary with service area at rear of McDonalds etc.. Fruit and Veg stall to return with better defined boundary. Lighting to be improved and power points installed. Toilet block cannot be marketed until building made secure (roof replaced)

Empire Square- work starts on 8th January for approx. 6 weeks. Improved lighting and bollards as in Arpley Square. Includes stage area and power points for future events. Firemen’s memorial will remain

Tulip Trees planted in both squares.

Crooked Billet (pavement area only) added to scheme though surface material not yet determined.

Work on Green Lane junction layout and signalling to start mid/late February once Empire Square completed. Approx. 6 weeks. Will involve 4-way temporary lights; work restricted to off peak hours but too complex for night only working.

Remaining pavement work to be completed at same time. Removal of brick wall outside Fashion House still being negotiated. Croydon Road bus stop outside Altered Image will be moved back to current bus stand to reduce congestion and improve road safety.

Snagging inspection will take place once works completed.

Warning signage for build our in High Street has been ordered. Once works completed, High Street to be resurfaced as far as Maple Road.

Still waiting for response from council regarding changes to access arrangements for Blenheim Centre Car park.

New shop fronts scheme still proposed and possibility of vinyls for empty shops.

Penge Tout will close in New Year (funding has run out) and re-open with new tenant.

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Police announce dates for local surgeries

Following concerns raised at the Penge Forum meeting on local policing, we can announce that the Penge & Cator Neighbourhood Police Team will be holding a series of local police surgeries at Penge East Community Centre. They will run from 11 – 12 am on the following Wednesdays:

Wednesdays  6 and 12th December 2017

Wednesdays 3, 10 and 17 January;  7, 14 and 21 February and 14 and 21 March 2018.

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Police Safer Neighbourhood Board local meeting Thursday 23rd November

The next SNB Meeting is on Thursday 23rd November at 7pm. The venue will be Beckenham Methodist Church, Clock House Road, BR3 4JP (Clock House ward). Stands and refreshments 6:30pm.
Clock House ward is a border of Betts Park, and senior officers will be present to answer questions on last week’s tragic events.
Police Deputy Borough Commander Trevor Lawry has been promoted to a central command position, and his replacement will also be attending the meeting.

PCs from the Hate Crime Team will also be giving a presentation.

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Annual Report to AGM held on Thursday 16th November 2017.

This was our 5th Open Meeting of the year and also the Annual General Meeting so there was a little bit of business to be concluded before we introduced our guest Ellie Reeves MP for Lewisham West and Penge.

Last years AGM had featured a talk and questions to Doug Patterson Chief Executive od Bromley Council.  This year’s meetings had covered a range of subjects: 

February: Residents’ Parking scheme,

May: General Election Hustings

July: Penge Heritage, High Street improvements and BID

October – Sgt Rob Goodwin changes to local policing…

All were well attended which shows that even in the digital age there is still a place for for public meetings.

We try to keep meetings informal but we do have a formal structure; – a committee, membership and a membership fee as well as the AGM. That’s so we can be recognised as a properly constituted Residents’ Association. So that means, for example, that we have been consulted by Bromley Council on, and are still involved with, the High Street improvements. Members of Penge Forum also sit on the Penge Town Centre Team and on the Penge Business Improvement District Development committee. So, being properly constituted does help give residents a voice and we do discuss these issues at our committee meetings between the open public meetings.

Penge Forum also has members on the Road Safety and Police panels for the area.

As a result, we have been successful in having buildings listed as Assets of Community Value – that was one of the issues the council had to take on when considering the future of Melvin Hall, we successfully campaigned for greater protection for some of our green spaces and we respond to planning applications where there is a general or widespread implication for Penge. We do not get involved in general householder applications.

This year we’ve successfully supported Blue Bell’s cafe against 2 attempts by the landlord to reduce its size which would have made it unsustainable as a cafe, and we’re currently asking the planners to look closely at attempts to turn the ground floor of two of the shops in the market end of Maple Road into accommodation. There is still a demand for small shops in that area and we need to do all we can to help them get established.

We keep subscriptions low and do not spend a great deal of money. In previous years we were able to apply for grants that are still giving us some working cash. This year’s accounts are currently being audited. We hold a reserve fund which is ring-fenced for when we need to raise money to replace the Penge Christmas lights. Over the last twelve months, expenditure exceeded income by around £30. As wells paying to hire meeting halls and providing refreshments, we contributed £100 to the Penge Heritage Trail which seems a worthwhile use of community funds.

Committee members are needed to help organise the meetings and to influence the causes we can support.

I’d like to thank all those who have sat on the committee this year.

All our members take part in the general discussions about the direction of the forum but beyond that Wendie Roche has been Vice-Chair and Membership secretary and sits on the police panel; Chris Doran has kept the minutes and been guardian of the traditions of the Forum; Stephen Brushett has kept the the accounts; Fiona Notman looks after refreshments at all our meetings; Jane Morley is on the road safety panel; Nick Goy has a wealth of knowledge on the area and Chris O’Shaughnessy has a focus on heritage. Linda Higgins makes sure we don’t overlook the Anerley part of Penge and we are regularly joined by Tracy Skillern and John Gazeley, representing the Crystal Palace Community Development Trust.

So, it’s a widespread membership. Nick Goy wants to stand down this year and we could still do with a few more. We’re not great at communications yet so there’s more to be done there and we do need more help with the mundane stuff of organising the meetings. So, any volunteers …..

Following the meeting, several people did come forward to express an interest in joining the committee and they will be contacted shortly.

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